Small Business Sisterhood

a membership community for
women business owners

Tailor-made for entrepreneurs like you
solopreneurs, side hustlers, new business owners
the Small Business Sisterhood gives you everything you need
to build the business you truly want.

Community. Strategy. Visibility. Coaching.

Building a business is hard. But you don't have to do it alone!


The Small Business Sisterhood is a stand-alone community website where you can focus on your business and make meaningful connections with like-minded women. Engage in useful discussions, share tools and programs, promote your latest offers, find a JV partner or guest posting opportunity, and more on the easy-to-navigate and private forum - The Sisters' Cafe. You can also pop in and co-work with your fellow Sisterpreneurs when you're feeling isolated, need encouragement, have a question, want feedback, or need a sounding board. The power of community and sisterhood is in full force here and we're ready to support you!


The Sisterhood provides the structure, accountability, and tools to help you grow your business. Monthly live Planning & Strategy Sessions, weekly planning check-ins, and in-depth workbooks keep you focused, productive, and making the most of your time. Dedicated batching days and co-working sessions support you even further with your content creation, blogging, and social media marketing. You also have 24/7 access to a virtual library of tools and resources from expert female business owners that can take your business to the next level. Topics include SEO, video, web design, mindset tools, branding, content creation, client attraction, and more.


The Sisterhood helps you conquer one of the most difficult challenges as a new business - Visibility. Getting more people aware of your business and all it has to offer is a crucial part of your entrepreneurial success. Included with your membership are several ways to get the word out about your business such as guest posting opportunities, an Instagram Pod, monthly spotlights in the newsletter and on social media, and more. I care about the success of your business and am always happy to support members by promoting your products and services.


I know how difficult starting and running a business can be. As an online business owner since 2008, certified coach, web designer, and social media consultant - I am happy to offer weekly office hours and monthly group coaching sessions where I provide feedback, personalized resources, and coaching. This is the perfect way to blast through challenges and obstacles in your business so you can grow your business and live the life you want!

Membership Community for Women Business Owners

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Year-end reflection is a powerful tool for growth. You can see how far you've come and stay aware of things that still need some work. It's the perfect opportunity to take time to reflect on your business and inner journey. Take a few minutes before the end of the year, grab your journal, and dig in. You might be surprised about all you've accomplished this year!

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In this day and age, everyone and their dog can build their own website. But not all websites are created equal. Whether you are planning to DIY it or hire someone to create your piece of online real estate, there are many aspects to consider. Lots of them are "nice-to-haves" or options depending on your particular needs. However there are several "must-haves", regardless of the type of site you want or the business you are in. Some of the points examined below are concrete and easy to implement, while others are a bit more abstract. All of them have the ability to make or break your site's functionality, usefulness and/or user experience.

Small Business Bookkeeping

The truth of any business lies in the budget, monthly reports and on bank statements. You have the opportunity for empowerment when you understand how the money comes in and how it goes out. The information found in the money systems you use can craft your strategic priorities and growth plans for the month, quarter and year.

Membership Community for Women Business Owners

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Dannie Fountain, an experienced marketing and PR strategist for creative entrepreneurs talks about her process writing her books, The Side Hustle Gal and The Bucketlist Babe. She also discusses sharing your story with purpose and her personal journey with writing her third upcoming book, One Honest Woman, also releasing in 2017. Dannie gives us a behind the scenes look at what it's like to be a digital nomad and graciously shares tips and strategies for getting started as an entrepreneur.

#16 Stephanie Pollock: Embracing Your Leadership Role in Your Business

Stephanie Pollock discusses what it means to embrace a leadership role in your business, even as a solopreneur. Stephanie offers 3 powerful tips for new entrepreneurs that will save you time, money, and heartache.

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What goes in to a business plan and how do you create one if you hate spreadsheets? Tali Koziol Thomason shares amazing strategies for planning and running your business, especially as a side hustler with young children.

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In this podcast episode Tors Grantham discusses the importance of video as a business owner and how planning can make a difference. She provides tools for making video creation easier and reducing necessary editing time. Tors helps online business owners create video and audio content that aligns with their business goals and inspires, educates and grows their audience.

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Anna Sabino talks about her process of testing ideas and getting feedback for her products. She also shares her experience with getting a literary agent and publishing her book with a traditional publisher.

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