build the business you crave surrounded by women who lift you up

The Small Business Sisterhood offers:

Solopreneur Community

live co-working and networking events to connect with fellow solopreneurs

Learning Workshops

live workshops on a variety of online business topics such as social media strategy, goal setting, stress management, identifying your ideal clients, & more

Masterclass Library

mini courses from guest experts full of tools and tutorials to take your business to the next level – topics include video marketing, office feng shui, branding, and more

Accountability & Planning

downloadable workbooks to keep you on track and accountable in your business plus worksheets, printable planner pages, and tracking forms

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On the Podcast

#49 Rhonda Mincey – balancing the need for profit with purpose

Rhonda Mincey Great Success, LLC Rhonda G. Mincey is a multi-award-winning mentor, entrepreneur, and inspirational expert for female entrepreneurs. Her genius and gift is to create profit-producing and legacy-building content that distinguishes businesses from the...

#48 Sandra Francisco – dealing with anxiety, imposter syndrome or overwhelm as a business owner

Sandra Francisco Business Coach Sandra Francisco is a Business Coach that helps entrepreneurs go from idea to profit while balancing their personal growth so that they can have fulfillment and profit. Sandra spent 15 years as a marketing and product development expert...

#47 Suzanne Tulien – how clarity around your personal brand can help you and your business

Suzanne Tulien Brand Ascension Suzanne Tulien is a Brand Clarity Expert, author, and speaker specializing in identifying, defining, and aligning her clients to their distinctive brand value positioning through her proprietary process, to achieve extreme clarity on her...

#46 Debra A. Woog – the importance of self-care as an entrepreneur

Debra A. Woog Crisis Navigation Partner™Connect2 Corporation Debra A. Woog (pronounced like “Vogue” magazine) is a Crisis Navigation Partner™ with 30+ years of experience as a leadership researcher, executive and advisor. Debra provides highly competent women with...

#45 Ashlee Dozier – why DIY-ing your branding is a good thing

After making the decision to leave an abusive relationship and fight for the life she knew she deserved, Anuket’s founder, Ashlee Dozier, took several months to travel solo around the world. She committed to rediscovering her independence and was determined to come out stronger than ever. Little did she know, her investment into herself would lead her to discover the thing that would change her life and inspire the creation of, what you now know as, Anuket Luxury Apothecary.

#44 Nikki Nash – attracting and converting the right people into clients

Nikki Nash Nikki Nash & Co. Nikki Nash is a Podcast Host, Hay House author, motivational speaker, and creator of the Genius Profit Society, a training and development company on a mission to equip entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to share and...

#43 Angela Henderson – managing stress and mental health for entrepreneurs

Angela Henderson Business Consultant & Coach Angela Henderson is an author, entrepreneur, small business consultant, speaker, blogger, mother, and a mental health clinician of 15 + years. After continually getting asked for business advice, Angela found herself in...

#42 Cate Scolnik – the importance of values in your business and how to incorporate them

Cate Scolnik Sane Social Media Cate specializes in helping people build their business on Facebook starting from ZERO… without spending a cent on advertising. Cate has a unique ability to take the complex and make it simple, and she is passionate about social media....

#41 Erica Carrico – the important role of purpose in your business

Erica Carrico Life Purpose & Business Coach Erica Carrico is an Award-Winning Life Purpose & Business Coach for women who are ready to transform their lives by creating six-figure businesses, while lucratively expressing their own soul purpose. Through coaching...
Annie P Ruggles - non-sleazy sales

#40 Annie P Ruggles – how to shift from fear of selling to aligned selling as an introvert or empath

Annie P Ruggles The Non-Sleazy Sales Academy For almost a decade, Annie P. has harnessed her Hulk-like disdain for hard-sales, tacky self-promotion, and overly competitive sleazeballs as inspiration to help people find better ways to grow their small businesses. As...

Hi! I’m Pepper Makepeace

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Anyone brave enough to give it a go is cool as shit in my book.
High fives and fist bumps, Sister!

As an online business owner since 2008, I have ⁣quite the library of tools, resources, and strategy secrets stored up in my brain and on my hard drive. It feeds my soul to help women grow their businesses and overcome the tech hurdles.

Equally important is my understanding of the emotional ups & downs, self-doubt, impostor syndrome, and other mental games that come with building a business online. It’s one thing to have the strategy and tech tools you need. And it’s another to have incredible emotional support along the journey. That’s where the soul of the Sisterhood shines – the connection and community spirit that lifts us all.

Welcome, Sister! I’m so glad you’re here. xo