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I am

...Sound familiar? I feel you, girl! And the Sisterhood is here to help. xo

If you're like most entrepreneurs in the early stages of building a business, you're craving community, feeling isolated and confused, trying to figure out how to do all-the-things on your own, and feeling overwhelmed and unfocused.

Building a business is hard.
But you don't have to do it alone!

The Small Business Sisterhood is tailor-made for entrepreneurs like you - solopreneurs, side hustlers, new business owners. It's crafted to support you, help you stay focused, motivated, and accountable, & get stuff done in your business so it can grow and thrive.

Membership includes...

  • Daily virtual co-working

    Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs in a virtual office space. You'll never feel alone working on your business again!

  • Planning and strategy sessions

    We all need accountability and structure in our businesses to make the most of our hard work. The Sisterhood offers monthly live Planning Parties and weekly planning check-ins. Plus in-depth workbooks and worksheets to keep you focused.

  • Monthly workshops with Guest Experts

    You get personal access to successful females who are rocking the entrepreneur gig and want to help you grow your business. Topics will include things like accounting, Facebook Ads, Etsy Marketing Strategy, and more!

  • Video Replays from all Events and Workshops

    Unlimited all-access pass to replay videos and downloads from workshops and masterclasses. A virtual library of tools and resources available to you any time that can take your business to the next level.

  • Amazing Community of Like-Minded Women

    Are you craving a private community of business-minded sisters to help you grow in your business and personal life? You got it!

  • Get Off Facebook - Away from the Drama & Distractions

    Facebook Groups are great - in moderation. But there are so many distractions on Facebook and you probably lose hours down that rabbit hole that would have been better spent actually working on your business. The Small Business Sisterhood is a stand-alone community website where you can focus on your business and connect with people who lift you up and support you on a daily basis.

I'm Ready Be Part of An Amazing Community!

I'm Ready! Let me in!

Who is the Small Business Sisterhood for?

The Small Business Sisterhood is an online membership community serving small business owners in the first stages of starting a business.

You're not quite at 6 figures (*wink*) or an email list of 5k. You might still have a 9 to 5. You might not feel like you've made it yet. Hell, you might not have even started yet. That's cool. You're still welcome. As long as you're serious about wanting to start. xo

Are you craving a private community of business-minded sisters to help you grow in your business and personal life? Maybe all while helping others do the same? You got it!

Join our community and you’ll get access to an exclusive community of sisters that are focused on business, fun, and growth. You’ll also receive monthly educational opportunities geared toward entrepreneurs and special offers hand picked for our community.

Can I afford it? I'm just starting out!

At just $15 a month, the Small Business Sisterhood fits with any budget. That's less than a coffee a week!

You can save even more money by signing up for a 6-month ($75 - 1 month free) or year membership ($150 - 2 months free)

ok...I'm out of excuses.
I'm ready to take my business dreams seriously!

I'm in! Take me there already!

Ladies, this running a business sh*t is HARD. Am I right??
...but Oh. So. Worth it.
So we hustle,
and we work,
and we get it done.
But guess don't have to go it alone.
I got your back, boo. We all do. We're family. We're SISTERS.