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Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Get behind-the-scenes access to successful female entrepreneurs as they reveal the struggles, strategies, and inspiring stories of running a small business. Hosted by Pepper Makepeace, an online business strategist for female solopreneurs and side hustlers and founder of the Small Business Sisterhood.

What listeners are saying about the podcast…

Starting a business is exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. And when you’re in the beginning stages, you are trying to navigate a million different decisions and carve out a path that will work. Pepper’s Small Business Sisterhood podcast is a perfect place to figure it out. She gets into the nitty-gritty details of what it takes to get a business off the ground. I love that it’s more than just theory, but gives actionable advice any new business owner can immediately put into place. I wish this podcast existed 9 years ago! Thanks Pepper.
Stephanie Pollock

I love the way that Pepper interviews the guests. She truly helps new solopreneurs understand what its like when just starting their business by asking relevant questions. The people that she interviews are sooo inspirational and provide amazing insight on their topics/businesses. I loved them so much that I listened to all 4 in a row! Great job Pepper, keep up the amazing work!

I love podcasts and this is a recent favorite! I’m all about taking action and not just presenting fluff, which Pepper does a great job with! Her interviews feel really authentic, so you can relate to the interviewee and feel you can take the steps they did to also be successful.

I absolutely love this podcast!! Pepper does such an amazing job asking questions. It is very motivating and inspirational to me as a female business owner to hear the stories of other women entrepreneurs. I look forward to hearing more. Keep up the great work Pepper!!!!!!

Love the idea behind this! Great information and even better production quality! The music and your voice are very calming!
Lauren A Rowe

As women entrepreneurs we often hear the same things from all the podcasts and blogs. But we can’t all be Sophia Amoruso or Tara Gentile. We need a voice to empower and inspire us where we are now. And this podcast can be that voice.

Pepper is an incredible host and interviewer. She breaks down the scary but real problems you face as a business owner that’s just beginning to start their business. I have loved following along with these episodes and suggest everyone that wants to or is starting a business from scratch subscribes to this podcast!
Mara Burkes

Pepper is one of the sweetest and most authentic podcast hosts you’ll hear. This podcast is a must for new and aspiring female entrepreneurs. It gives a frank and funny inside look behind the curtains of small biz babes who are doing their thing and making the world a better place. It really is a sisterhood. Xoxo
Molly O'Reily

So happy to have found this podcast. As a female business owner I love hearing the stories that other women entrepreneurs have to share. They’re very inspiring! Can’t wait to hear more from this podcast. Keep up the great work!