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Valeria And Benedetta Bianchini - Local Aromas - Small Business Sisterhood PodcastValeria And Benedetta Bianchini - Local Aromas - Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Valeria And Benedetta Bianchini - Local Aromas - Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Benedetta and Valeria Bianchini

Local Aromas
a food and wine experiences company & online cooking school

Benedetta and Valeria are Italian, foodies, sisters, and the owners a food and wine experiences company in Rome (Italy) called Local Aromas. Benedetta is a wine sommelier, an olive oil sommelier, and a professional cheese taster. Valeria is a trained pastry chef. Through in-person experiences, online cooking school, and their YouTube channel, these sisters are on a mission to share Italy’s culture and traditions through food and wine.

In This Episode…

[00:41] Introduction to Benedetta and Valeria
[01:46] Creating an advent calendar
[04:28] Collaborating
[07:30] Navigating 2020
[13:50] Thinking outside the box
[22:18] Planning for 2021
[33:25] Holiday traditions in Italy

The sisters have successfully transitioned their business from 100% in person to 100% online in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and have recently created an online product tailored to fit their business and niche perfectly. In this episode they talk about how they navigated that transition, their new product and how the marketing has worked for it, as well as their planning process for 2021 so we can all hit the ground running.

Benedetta and Valeria offer a year in review, along with the Italian Christmas traditions that they love the most. We hope this episode helps kick off a wonderful Holiday Season for you, despite the current situation.


“You can panic for a couple of days before you realise that you have to swim or you can drown.”

“If you cannot change the situation you’re in … you can control what you’re doing in your business as a consequence.”

“We don’t go and see what our competitors do because that takes us away from being concentrated on new ideas.”

Find Them on the Web…

Local Aromas Online Cooking School
Local Aromas YouTube Channel

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