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Setting Up an SEO-friendly Etsy Shop

✔ SEO best practices
✔ Meaningful customer service
✔ Creating a client experience in a product-based business

About the Speaker

Anisey Fernandez


I’m the artist behind TonicARTistry. An acrylic painter, mixed media artist, jewelry designer, yogi, martial artist, musician and all around lover of all things artistic and awesome. I’ve been an artist forever! All my mothers’ books are scribbled with early works. Our furniture was graffiti-ed often and the walls were my masterpiece. I began seriously studying art and drawing at the age of ten, where I found out that I had a knack for faces, but I’ve been painting all my life. Color obsessed, you’ll find that my work is oozing with bright color combinations. I’m also obsessed with nature and animals.

My blog is about art. I love to write about being a creative and artistic entrepreneur. You’ll also find DIY posts, my craft show adventures, and a little bit in between. I seek out guest bloggers every now and then, to offer my readers a different perspective. As a way to give back to the creative community, I feature up-and-coming female artists and creatives. I feature a person a month and advertise the feature on social media through out the month.

The TonicARTistry Etsy shop is filled with boho-inspired gemstone jewelry – handmade to enrich your style. Each item is made and handled with love and attention to detail, right down to the packaging. TonicARtistry is Earth conscious and most of the packing materials used are re-used, up-cycled or recycled. I create my jewelry to feel like you’re wearing pieces of art. And they are made to wear confidently on a daily basis. Jewelry is an extension of my carefree attitude, passion for color, and intrigue in the magical powers of nature. Most of my jewelry designs showcase a gemstone or crystal surrounded by other natural elements. The paintings and prints I design have a little bit of everything, but mostly color!

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